The way over 40 years

Founded in 1972, the ‘OKYANUS’ Company has become a big and successful company in the forefront of change over the past 40 years. Taking into consideration the aim of continuous development and harmonization with international standards in all its activities, the OKYANUS is progressing step by step to capture the success it has achieved in the world.

Plastic production

In 2011 we started to produce on plastic, and as a result, we increased our machine and staff count as demands increased.

Over the 600 items range

OKYANUS FAMILY has been producing boutique products that reflect the trends and tastes of our customers in the Kitchen & Bath and Home Equipments sector together with our experience we have gained over 40 years and we have more than 600 products range for our customers and suppliers in terms of continuity, respectability, reliability and satisfaction .

Our ‘’FREECOOK’’ brand

Our products produced under the brand name ‘’FREECOOK‘’ are produced considering the quality, unique design and ease of life factor and we continue our leader and boutique production with our innovative understanding and difference creating designs.

‘’Inventor of the funny kitchens’’ on the innovation way

Our company, which is in pursuit of innovation, is known as ’’INVENTOR OF THE FUNNY KITCHENS ’’ and its products are innovative and enjoyable and are usually first in sector. We believe that our most important competitor is ourselves and we carefully select our employees and partner firms to develop our product range continuously by following the innovations in the kitchen & bathroom and home equipments sector and to raise our reputation with a better equipped reputation and to reach the target maximum quality. And our developments in the world with our AR-GE Engineering & Design department we are trying to lead many innovations by following them.

Export to more than 50 countries

We export each of our products, which we produce at a premium quality level, with health certificates, to more than 50 countries without sacrificing quality in our modern facilities. Our customers' satisfaction is our first priority and we respond to the expectations with quality and stability and create value for our customers with optimum planning and provide continuous increase in demand and satisfaction.

Branding process

To offer effective using at the kitchen,home and garden we had passed our branding process.


We present our products to domestic and international markets with our quality, reliability and attitude that respects the satisfaction of every area and we increase our reputation by increasing our market share and spreading our market share to our ‘’World Platform‘’ and to strengthen our country's economy in order to ensure the continuation of OKYANUS generations and to become an internationally recognized and trusted brand.